5 Tips for Selling Gift Products in Your WordPress eCommerce Store

selling gift products in woocommerce store
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Selling gift products in your WordPress eCommerce store can be considered a good idea to make money because giving and receiving gifts on various occasions have become popular among people.

If you intend to sell gift products in your WooCommerce store, you just need to spice up your work a little to be able to have a successful gift store. In the following, we mention several important tips for setting up a successful online gift shop.

First Tip: designing the website with a user-friendly and attractive appearance

The key to your success in Selling gifts in your WordPress eCommerce store is to design a suitable online gift shop. Of course, a WooCommerce store that offers gifts and accessories should have a beautiful appearance and a simple user interface to sell products.

designing a website with use friendly layout help customers to choose right gift

Therefore, setting up an online gift store that cannot provide safe and convenient shopping for visitors will not be successful. Indeed, the cost of designing a user-friendly website and setting up an online gift shop may be a bit expensive, but it is worth it if your sales increase.

Maybe at the beginning of setting up a Woocommerce store, you have to reduce the cost of buying products and instead work on buying the right theme and optimizing the site for search engines (SEO), but trust me, this is exactly what you need to attract more customer and boost your sales.

Second Tip: Check competitors and target audience

In order to succeed in selling gift products in your WordPress eCommerce Store, you must go to your competitors’ sites and imitate their successful methods and ideas. Of course, along with modeling and examining their success methods, you should also discover their weaknesses so that you don’t make their mistakes in the future. You can even read the opinions of users and buyers on your competitors’ sites and ask them for help in setting up and optimizing your gift shop.

Knowing target audience help to specify the right gift for audience

On the other hand, you should know the target audience of your website. In the beginning, you need to determine who the gifts of your store are suitable for, for example, do you have your plan to sell gifts suitable for children or other gifts proper for holidays and Christmas? In this way, you can more easily plan to add popular gifts and promote your store.

Third Tip: Add gift Products in your WordPress eCommerce store

One of the important steps for selling gifts in your Wocommece Store is to choose suitable and creative gifts based on your customer’s taste. Maybe if you have decided to sell fruit or building material on your online store, you didn’t need much creativity; But setting up a gift shop requires adding a variety of products for different occasions so that buyers can count on your site to buy any type of gift.

You should think about different occasions and suitable gifts for those occasions and try to add both popular and innovative gifts to your online store according to the taste of your target audience.

Some of the most important occasions when shoppers look to order gifts online are:

  • Birthday
  • Christmas
  • Anniversary
  • Graduation ceremony
  • Mother’s Day or Father’s Day
  • Valentine day

You should add the most popular gifts that are given on these days and special occasions, including flowers, chocolates, decorative items, dolls, jewelry, clothes, etc. to your online store.

Fourth Tip: Customer satisfaction for selling gifts in your WordPress eCommerce store

Improving customer experience is one of the most important foundations of a successful business. In fact, customer satisfaction is essential for Selling Gifts in Your WordPress eCommerce Store, if you cannot satisfy them, your sales will decrease very soon and your business will fail without any profit.

To satisfy customers, you must ask their opinion and provide them with convenient services in your online store.

You can keep your buyers satisfied using the following methods:

  • Suitable categories of gifts and the possibility of easy access and safe shopping.
  • The possibility of choosing the type of gift wrapper and sending the wrapped gift.
  • The possibility of sending a gift to the customer’s desired address and delivering the gift to their desired person.
  • Adding gifts needed by customers to your online shop based on periodic surveys.
  • Providing free gifts and discount codes for new customers and loyal buyers.

Fifth Tip: Advertising and offering free gift products to grow and increase sales of gifts in the online store

If you want your store to grow faster than expected, you should think about advertising and marketing strategies. This is one of the secrets of success that can lead to more sales and attract more customers.

Many customers buy more from stores that offer free gifts or discount codes. In fact, it is much easier for shoppers to trust a store that offers amazing deals.

You can consider different strategies for discounting or offering free gifts, the most important of which are:

  • BOGO Deal
  • Buy X get Y.
  • Buy more than $X, and get 2 free gifts.
  • etc.

How can I offer a free gift product in the WooCommerce store?

It is necessary to use the appropriate plugin to offer a free gift products in the WooCommerce store as you cannot directly offer a free gift in WooCommerce. Of course, there are other solutions such as offering a discount code or discount coupon in WooCommerce stores, but these methods are not as successful as offering free gift products in attracting buyers or bringing customers to your ecommerce store.

free gift for woocommerce plugin
Free gift plugin WooCommerce plugin can easily run any type of product gift strategy in WooCommerce

By installing the free gifts for WooCommerce plugin in your gift shop, you can easily register any type of strategy for offering free gifts to customers and create rules with different conditions to offer gifts at a special time & Date, to a specific type of user, on specific gifts or products, and even based on the total amount of customer’s cart.

Don’t worry about working with this software because any beginner can work with the user-friendly interface of the Woocommerce gifts plugin.

In this plugin, it is possible to create various rules based on your needs, and you can offer free gifts on any of your store’s products or categories. There is no limit to adding rules in this plugin and you can even add free gifts automatically to the shopping cart of certain customers.

woocommerce gift plugin banner

By downloading the free demo of the plugin, you can familiarize yourself with all its features and how it works and evaluate its functionality completely free of charge, and if you are satisfied, proceed to pay and buy this plugin for your online store.

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