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Main settings in Woocommerce bulk product editing plugin

the Main settings in the Woocommerce bulk product editing plugin is one of the useful tabs in our plugin containing some powerful options enabling you to set bulk editor settings.

You have access to main settings in the below address:

WordPress dashboard > Pro bulk bundle > Woo products > Settings tab

main Settings tab in Woocommerce bulk product editing plugin

By opening this page, you can set the below main settings:

Count per page

In the combo box in front of this field some default values are listed including:

  • 10
  • 25
  • 50
  • 75
  • 100 

You can choose one of them to specify how many products to be displayed in each page of the product table.

Count per page in Woocommerce bulk product editing plugin

Default sort by

In the β€œDefault sort by Field” of main β€œSettings” page, there is the most useful field for sorting the products in the table including:

  • ID
  • Title
  • Regular price
  • Sale price
  • SKU
  • Manage stock
  • Stock quantity
  • Stock Status 

When you choose one of these fields and click on β€œSave Changes”, all products will be sorted according to it in the product table.  

Default sort by in main settings

For example, we selected β€œ25″ products to be displayed in the table and also we set to sort the products according to their β€œRegular price” as illustrated below:Β 

set main setting in woocommerce bulk editing

This resulted in:

display products in customized settings

Default sort

In the Default Sort, you can choose one of the below options from the related combo box:

  • ASC: The products in the table will be sorted in Ascending order of the selected sort option
  • DESC: The products in the table will be sorted in Descending order of the selected sort option
set Default Sort in main setting via woocommerce bulk product editor

Show quick search

This item in the main β€œsettings” tab, allows you to set if you need the β€œQuick search” to be displayed on the top of the product table at the main page of our plugin or not by choosing the β€œYes” or β€œNo” option.

Show quick search box in woocommerce bulk product editor

Search form mode

In the combo box of β€œSearch Form Mode” you can set one of the below options:

Search form Mode is available in main setting tab

Don’t push down the content

As shown below, by choosing this option, the content of the main page will be hidden under the β€œFilter Form” after opening. So, you cannot see the main page content after opening the β€œFilter Form”. 

powerful filter form in woocommerce product bulk

Push down the content 

On the contrary, this option will push down the content of the main page after opening the β€œfilter form” so you can see both the filter form page and the product table at the same time.

product table

Sticky ID and Title columns

In this part of the main β€œsettings” tab, you can choose if you need to β€œID” and β€œTitle” columns displayed in the product table as sticky columns or not by selecting β€œYes or No” from the combo box.  

Sticky ID and Title Columns in product table in woocommerce bulk product

Display columns label

β€œDisplay Columns Label” is a good option if you need to see the information related to each column on the top of the product table. By choosing β€œcomplete” for this item, the full name of each column will be displayed on the top and by choosing β€œIn short”, a brief title will be displayed.   

Display Columns Label in woocommerce bulk product

For example, as shown below when we choose β€œIn short”, the name of the category column changed to β€œPRODUCT CATE.” Instead of β€œproduct category”:

product table in woocommerce bulk product via main settings

Enable thumbnail Pop-Up

β€œThumbnail Pop-Up” is a small picture displayed on the product table when you hold a cursor on a product image. However, if you choose β€œNo” from the dropdown list in front of this item, this pop-up image will not appear anymore.

Enable Thumbnail Pop-Up in main settings

You can see the difference of choosing β€œYes” or β€œNo” option in this main settings field in the below table: 

Enable Thumbnail Pop-Up

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