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Get monthly product sales report with the WooCommerce report plugin

All online store owners need to have enough information about the sales of each product every month. This tutorial will teach you how to use the WooCommerce report plugin to prepare monthly product sales reports.

What is a monthly product sales report?

The monthly product sales report is a complete list of sold products in each month of the year.

Why do managers need to analyze product sales reports by month?

The monthly product sales report has many uses for managers and marketers, the most important of which is planning to supply best-selling products and deciding to launch advertising campaigns for products that have experienced lower sales.

This report also helps the managers check whether the products that are available in the store for a certain period have had enough sales. This type of report is very useful for analyzing the sales of seasonal and special products.

Marketers can also use this report to check the success of advertising campaigns running for a specific product in a limited period.

How to generate top-performing products report by month?

If you want to have an insight into your top-performing products by month in your online store, you can easily use the product/month report in our plugin, which is available by navigating to the below address:

CrossTab -> Product/Month

click product month menu

In the Search form of this report, you need to set a date range to instruct the plugin to generate the report based on it.

For example, if you choose 01.07.2023 and 31.12.2023 in the Date from and Date to fields, respectively, then press the Search button:

set date range product month of filter form

As illustrated below, a monthly report will be created displaying a list of monthly products sold.

result product month columns

To observe which products have the most performance each month, you can easily click on the up/down arrow next to each month to let the plugin order the total sales amount in that column, ascending or descending.

Let’s make some examples to see how this report can help you gain insights into the top-performing products by month.

Example 1: Investigate which products had the most sales on Jul.22

If you click the arrows next to Jul-2022, you can see that the Woo hoodie with the logo had the most sales, followed by Woo belt and Woo single.

Example 2: In which month the Belt had the most sales?

Open the Search form and follow the below steps:

  • Choose Belt in the Product field.
  • Click on the Search button.
choose product belt option of filter form

Now you can see in the generated report that Belt had the best sales in July.2022.

result sales product month belt
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