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Get customers min-max spent report on the WooCommerce report plugin

In this tutorial, you can find out how to generate a customer min-max report which is useful for finding customers with a certain total spend in a given period on the WooCommerce report plugin.

What is the customers min-max spent report?

The customer min-max report lists customers with the total number of orders placed in your online store. The minimum and maximum amount of the orders are also reported in separate columns of this report to give you a better insight into customer behavior.

Why do store managers need the customers min-max report?

Customer min-max report is very important when store managers want to identify the most loyal customers of their online store. It is also very useful if they want to find customers with a certain total spend in a given period.

This information is practical for offering promotions to loyal customers to encourage them to return to the online shop.

How to generate customers min-max spent report?

To observe the customers with a certain total spend in a given period, you need to use the customer min-max report, which is available at the below address:

Customer -> Customer Min-Max

click customer min max menu

By opening this report, you can access the search form to set the date range and filter the total spent by the customers.

set date range customers of filter form

Then by clicking on the Search button, the report will be generated as shown below:

result customer min max columns

To make this clearer, let’s give an example. 

Suppose you want to offer a discount to customers who spent $50 to $100 to purchase products from your shop last year.

So you need to open the customer min/max report and follow the below steps:

  • Open the Search form.
  • Set 17.07.2022 to 17.07.2023 in the Date from and Date to fields, respectively.
  • Write 50 and 100 in the Min and Max price fields, respectively.
  • Click on the Search button.

In the table created by our plugin, all information about the customers with that total spend is reported, including :

  • Billing first name
  • Billing last name
  • Billing email
  • Min/ Max price: The minimum and maximum amount of orders paid by the customer.
  • Order count: The number of orders placed by the customer.
  • Etc.

There is also a summary report at the bottom of the page reporting the total amount about customer count, order count, and total amount.

result total amount customer
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