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Get sales by payment method report in WooCommerce report plugin

When you have different payment methods in your online store, knowing which is more favorable for your customers is very important. That’s why we designed an option for store managers in the WooCommerce report plugin to receive a monthly report by payment gateways to help them analyze their sales with just one click. Let’s see how.

What is the sales by payment method (gateway) report?

Sales by payment gateway report provides a list of all payment methods in the online store with the total amount of orders paid by each method. Store managers usually evaluate this report at the end of each month to help them decide whether the payment methods available in their stores can satisfy their customers.

Why do store managers need sale by payment method report?

The purpose of assessing this report is to compare cash-on-delivery amounts with other payment gateway amounts. If managers recognize that customers prefer to pay the orders with cash on delivery methods, they need to add trustable payment gateways to their online stores. It is also important to organize an effective strategy to make customers trust the online payment method of the store more. For example, they may need to activate an SSL certificate or lead the customers to a more reliable payment gateway such as PayPal.

Generating monthly sales report by payment method

To receive a monthly report displaying the total sales of each payment gateway in your online store, you just need to click on the Payment Gateway/Month option under Crosstab.

click payment gateway month menu

Then when you set a date range in the search form, the plugin will generate a monthly report, as illustrated below, automatically:

set date range filter form

It is also possible to filter the report based on the below items in the Search form:

  • Payment Gateway: You can select one or more payment methods to see their report in the table.
  • Status: You can specify which order status to be considered for generating the report. For example, it is possible to filter completed orders.

If you scroll over the table, there is also a total row at the end which is very useful when you want a general insight about the payment method with the most sales in the specified interval date.

result total amount

For example, you can observe in this report that the total amount of Cash on delivery method is much more than other methods during the specified range date.

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