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Analyzing sales by state report with the WooCommerce report plugin

One of the most common problems of store managers who are managing an online store that provides products for customers all over the country is generating sales by state report in WooCommerce. In this tutorial, you learn how the WooCommerce report plugin can help you to solve this problem.

What is sales by state report?

A sales by state report is a useful report that lists all states that receive one or more orders in a date range. Store managers can usually find the most important information related to the placed orders in different states in this report, such as number of orders, total amount of orders, order status, payment method, etc.

Why do store managers need sales by state reports?

There are many reasons why store managers need to analyze sales by state report. For example, they may need to know which state receives more orders to provide more products for customers living in that state, or they may plan some marketing strategies for the states with fewer sales to increase their income.

How to generate sales by state report?

There are two options available in our plugin for generating sales by state report:

Generate sales by state report related to all WooCommerce orders

If you want to analyze all orders received in different states, it is easily possible to generate all order reports by going to the below address:

Orders -> All Orders

click all orders menu

Then, set a date range in the search form and filter one or more states, as illustrated below:

set date range and choose state of all orders

For example, we filtered New York (US) and London (GB) in the search form and then pressed the Search button to generate the report.

In this report, you can find out practical information in different columns, including:

  • Order ID
  • Customer Name
  • Order Date
  • Order Country
  • Order State
  • Order Status
  • Payment Method
  • And more.
result search filter form all orders

There is also a summary report at the bottom of the table, providing you an insight into the total quantity and total amount of orders placed in the filtered states:

result total quantity filtered states

Generate billing by state report in WooCommerce

The billing state report is a simple report which can be generated by navigating to the below address:

More Reports -> Billing State

click billing state menu

When you set a date range in the search form, this report will be created with four columns:

  • Billing State: A list of all states where customers placed their orders.
  • Billing Country: A list of countries that the states belong to.
  • Order Count: The total number of orders received in each state. 
  • Amount: The total amount of orders placed in each state.
result date range billing state

The plugin generates a summary report automatically at the bottom of the page. Here, you can see the total number of orders with the total amount of them in all states at one glance:

result total number orders
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