How much does it cost to launch a website

How much does it cost to design a website?

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Have you ever wondered about a website building cost? Maybe it has come many times to your mind to have your own website and maybe you asked yourself that how much can be the cost to design a website.

We know you may be confused by the very different prices offered by website designing companies. Unfortunately, in our country, there is no single law and proper supervision over the activities of this industry and no law to determine a unique website building cost. In this article, we have tried to explain everything related to the pricing of website building projects. Both the common rules of the website building industry of the country and the world and the specific policies of data providers plus the website building costs are explained here. 

costs to build website

If you take the time to read this article, you will be best justified on the subject of the costs to create a website project and the owner of the criteria so that you can determine better about your own web designing plan and budget and accordingly about the minimum website building cost.

You should regard the minimum 12000 to 1500 $ as the average cost of designing and launching a website, while the maintenance cost of a normal website is between 35 to 5000$ per month or yearly 400 to 6000$.

If you want to have a store somewhere in the city, you have to spend a lot of money on rent, decoration and energy. The total of these costs requires a capital of at least 4000$ to 7000$. But even if you spend this money, your customers will be limited to the same neighborhood or maximum city.

While with one-tenth of this cost, you can have an online store for yourself, a store whose customers are not limited to the neighborhood and the city. Anyone from all over the world can see your product and buy it. So, by spending a little money on website building costs, you will be able to earn more money while spending less. Regarding these advantages, do not worry about how much it costs to build a website online shopping and launching a website because you are going to multiply your earnings by paying this cost in the future.

So, let’s see, how much capital do we need to have to launch our own website?

Why should we spend our money to build a website?

If you are planning to launch a website, you are probably hesitant like me at first. You may assume that the website-making cost must be high. Did I spend many days thinking and asking myself if building a website is a good way to invest or not? Anyway, I was going to spend the result of a few years of work and my savings, and it was important for me to invest my money in the right place.

On one hand, I was looking at how big online stores and their owners make a lot of money and on the other hand, I was asking myself how to compete with these companies. Despite all these different online stores and even digital ones, does anyone buy from me? I finally decided to consider a budget for the website building costs and made my mind:

Instead of competing directly with big online stores, focus on just one specific product. So, I decided to start a shop selling my own products.

Free site, a dream or reality?

No one likes to get the products and services they want for free. I first searched for the phrase “building a free site” out of curiosity. I opened some links to see what is going on. After browsing the Google pages, I finally realized that having a website is not completely free, however, I found the charge for a cost is not such high as I was thinking before.

free websites

For example, I read somewhere that building a website with WordPress is completely free. I told myself how great it was. When I wanted to create a website, I realized that just to start working, I have to pay at least 35 or 50 dollars as the website building cost every year for the site’s hosts and domain. Of course, maybe they just meant that installing WordPress is totally free.

By the way, although you may be able to build a website or an online store on WordPress by yourself and by getting help from some guide like “” with the minimum price possible,  it’s not possible to create a website with no payment at all. 

In short, I agreed that I would have to spend money to build a store site and launch my own website. But I have to find a way that pays off for me.

How much does it cost to design a website?

As I expected, I came across a lot of terms and prices. Let me tell you one thing first. Do not look for a specific price for website building; Because there are no rules and regulations for the building a website costs.

If you search the internet, you will see that the cost of a website building starts from a few 30 to 40 $ and even reaches up to 4000 to 5000 dollars! Like me, you are probably confused at first why there is so much price difference. Then I did some research and came to the conclusion that the cost depends, in part, on the method you select.

In general, you have three options for building a website:

  1. Dedicated website building

If you want to have a completely dedicated and custom site, you have to order it from a company or programmer, who will code it for you from zero to one hundred. Because it takes a lot of time and skill, it costs more than other methods. The cost of a specialized dedicated website building starts from 1200 or 1600 $, depending on the facilities you need.

  1. Website building with WordPress

There is another method that you may have heard of: designing a website using the WordPress system. The cost of this method of building a website usually starts from an average price, depending on whether the website is a blog or a store, and reaches more than 80 to 100 $. The cost will vary depending on the amount of hosting you use, the site template, the plugins, and the features you want to use. If you need a plugin to manage posts, pages, and custom data types, click on WordPress bulk posts editing plugin.

  1. Use a website builder

As I was searching, I found another system called Website Builder. The interesting thing was that to build the website with it, no experience and technical knowledge was needed and anyone could work with it. All you have to do is to buy the service, to get a complete package including domain, hosting, and a complete website management system.

using a website bulider

One of these site builders was the portal, and after considering its features, I decided to choose it to build the website. The portal has different packages for website building, the website building costs for each one are different. With a simple calculation, I saw that building a store site costs me only 80$ a month.

The more money we pay for building a website, the more we gain?

You are supposed to make money from this store; This income is not a small thing. So, if you want to make a good start from the beginning, you have to consider lots of money and cost to create a website professionally. So instead of looking for a free or cheap way to build a website, think about the features of your website and regard the costs of building your website according to your demands.

I suggest you try finding some designers like “The web designer” with reasonable website building costs to get more acquainted with its features. Maybe this is what you need. It is also better to find a designer or freelancer that offers post-editing and services, which makes things easier and helps you determine the appropriate costs to build a website.

more money for building a website

the average cost of website design for business

A business website can cost you from $50 to several hundred thousand dollars.

The costs of website building for professional business websites, for example, range from 2,000$ to 75,000 dollars, while the annual website maintenance can cost you around 400 $ to 60,000 $ /year. You may find different price lists by searching on the internet, however, they all depend on the size or the features of your website. Keep in mind that, regarding the size and the items of your website, you may pay less (or more) than the website building costs estimated at first.


In conclusion, if you have a limited budget you can either start to build your website on your own by getting help from online learning courses that most of which are available for free especially for creating a website or online store by WordPress, or you can find some web designers on the internet and compare their prices to find the lowest cost for building the website.

However, if you have decided to create a professional website regardless of how much it costs, just find a reputable web designer and trust them for building your website.

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