What are the top free gift product promotion strategies?

free gift promotion strategies
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Are you looking to increase the sales of your products but do not know how to do it? Free gift product promotion strategies are one of the most common and attractive marketing methods for online stores. By offering free gifts, you can regularly advertise the products in your online shop and attract more customers to order them. 

In this guide, we discuss six free gift promotion strategies that have a great impact on increasing the online sales of your products. Finally, we introduce the free gift for WooCommerce plugin, with the help of which you can easily implement all the different methods for offering giveaways in your WooCommerce store.

Top 6 free gift product promotion strategies 

As we mentioned earlier, you can use different free gift promotion strategies in your online store to grab the attention of potential customers. However, choosing the best strategy that will both improve your brand value and increase your profits can be difficult. To help you make a better decision, in the following, we will introduce the most effective strategies that you can use to increase your sales:

select simple option method in WooCommerce free gifts plugin

Strategy 1: Offer free gifts for purchasing any product to increase the whole sales of your online store 

The easiest strategy to increase the sales of your products is to offer customers a gift on the purchase of all products. Using the simple method, you can specify one of the products as a gift so that when customers place an order on your site, they can add a gift to their cart.

With this strategy, new customers are encouraged to visit your store to receive the gift and place their first order.

On the other hand, if you send this offer to your old and loyal customers, you will also encourage them to return to your store and place their purchase order.

result simple option in free gifts for WooCommerce plugin

In “3 ways to offer free gift products with purchase in WooCommerce.”, you can find more information about creating this rule by free gifts for WooCommerce plugin.

Strategy 2: Offer free gifts on x subtotal amount of orders to encourage customers to buy more from your site 

One of the top free gift promotion strategies that can encourage customers to buy more is to offer a gift product for purchases of more than a subtotal amount. In this way, when the total amount of the customer’s carts exceeds the specified amount, a gift product will be added to their cart, or they can add one from a list of gifts to their card.

The advantage of offering a gift in this way is that if the total amount of the buyer’s order is a little far from the minimum amount to receive the gift, they are encouraged to buy one or more products from your store to increase their order amount and receive the gift.

result of free gift product promotion on X subtotal amount of orders

Strategy 3: Use buy x get x method to boost the sales of new products

The buy x get x method is one of the most popular gift promotion strategies. You have probably observed the buy 1 get 1 or BOGO discount in many online stores. The main purpose of this offer is to make an effect on the customer’s mind. In fact, you offer them a 50% discount on a certain product, and they conclude that by paying for one product, they will get 2 of it. So, this purchase is beneficial for them and has economic benefits.

result quantity and subtotal cart in free gift plugin

This method is perfect when you add new products for sale to your store, especially for variable products that have multiple colors or sizes.

For example, if your new product has different colors, but the purple color is sold less than others, you can offer the customers that if they order the purple color of that product, they can get one of the same products as a gift. 

Of course, this strategy is not limited to the BOGO offer, and you can offer multiple gifts of the same product to the customer for purchasing any number of products.

Read “How to setup a buy one get one free in WooCommerce?(BOGO deal)”, to learn more about using this method in free gifts for WooCommerce plugin.

Strategy 4: Use the Buy x Get y method to increase the sales of any product from category x

Many online stores have different products in a wide variety of categories. If you are in the same situation and sell several products in different categories in your online store, you can use the buy x get y strategy to increase the sales of products in the x category.

In this strategy, you offer customers that if they buy a certain number of products from a special category, they will receive a specific number of other products for free.

result added belt product in cart free gift plugin

The advantage of the buy x get y method is that you can offer a lower-value product to customers for free in exchange for purchasing products from a certain category. Your proposed free gift must be affordable. You can offer one of the cheapest products in your store as a gift or even buy cheaper products and add them to the customer’s cart for free.

We provide more information about using this method in “How to setup a buy 2 get 1 free in WooCommerce using plugin?

Strategy 5: Encourage your loyal customers to repeatedly purchase from your site by offering free gifts for placing more than x orders

An interesting fact about online marketing is that it costs 6-7 times more to attract a new customer than to keep a loyal customer.

Loyal customers who have bought from you before are completely engaged with your brand and trust you. So you can better understand their buying behavior. Also, you can easily manage to convert them into real customers.

Therefore, if you spend all your time marketing to new customers, you will lose valuable opportunities to keep loyal customers.

By using different free gift promotion strategies like offering a gift product per x orders, you can encourage loyal customers to return to your store and complete their number of orders to receive a gift.

To better implement this strategy, you need to look at the purchasing behavior of your top buyers over the past five years. Then, send them targeted offers.

For example, if most of them have placed 5 orders on your site, send them a promotional offer for placing the sixth order on your online shop.

Strategy 6: Boosting the sales of your products on special occasions by offering free gift

There is no better time to suggest a gift than the holidays and special occasions. Usually, on occasions like Christmas or Valentine’s Day, people tend to buy gifts for their loved ones. For your business to have high sales during the holidays, you must use a special strategy.

You can use different strategies to offer gifts in a limited time. For example, if you add products to your site for Christmas, you can advertise a giveaway promotion for placing at least one order during November.

In this strategy, you should specifically define the list of products for which the customer will receive a gift, then create a series of offers, for example, BOGO, buy x get Y, subtotal amount, etc. Now, you have to limit your offer to a certain period, for example, a week or a month.

The goal of this gift offer strategy is to increase customer traffic, increase sales of specific products, and earn more revenue.

You have to be very careful when using free gift product promotion strategies for a limited time. If you always use this strategy, your profits may decrease, and customers will probably not understand the value and importance of receiving gifts because if your audience recognizes that you are giving them free gifts all the time, they will no longer feel the urgency for placing their orders.

Why free gift product promotion strategies are important?

Increasing sales is the main concern of all managers who have an online store.

Marketing and advertising techniques will help you win the trust of the customers, establish a two-way relationship with them, and ultimately sell more.

Among the many digital marketing methods, offering free gift products not only makes your customers happy but also increases the number of orders.

If you choose the right strategy for your business, amazing results will await you. But if you have an inappropriate strategy, you may not get the desired result.

Providing free gift product promotion strategies attracts the attention of customers and quickly increases the traffic of your site. The promotional plan is a two-way deal. Buyers will be more satisfied with their purchase, and sellers will get more sales.

The other benefits of the free gift promotion strategies are as follows:

  • Encouraging loyal customers to buy more.
  • Attracting new customers to place orders.
  • Boosting sales of new products or in-stoke products.
  • Increasing the brand recognition. 

How do we offer free gift products in WooCommerce stores?

If you have used WooCommerce to set up your store, you can use the free gifts for WooCommerce plugin to offer giveaways with different rules and conditions.

Using this plugin, you can create all the methods of the free gift product offer and add various conditions to it. This plugin has a very simple user interface that allows you to:

  • Choose the method you want from among many rules, including buy x get x, buy x get y, subtotal, etc.
  • Select the products or categories you want to apply the selected rule to.
  • Choose the products or categories that you want to offer as free gifts to the customer.
  • Set different conditions, such as a limited-time offer, promoting an offer based on user role or the number of registered orders, etc.
  • Instruct the plugin to add the gift to the customer’s cart automatically.

This plugin also allows you to apply an offer to a specific product, set a promotional period, or a list of gifts that allows customers to choose their gifts from a list.

woocommerce gift plugin banner


Online businesses need an effective way to attract customers. The cheapest and best technique to attract a large number of new users and encourage loyal customers to buy more is to use free gift product promotion strategies. This method is so efficient that even the biggest companies in the world use this strategy to attract customers.

Don’t forget that your customers used to buy from your site only when you offered a free gift; you may lose your credibility. Executing this marketing strategy incorrectly can also hurt your profit because you lose the opportunity to sell your products at regular prices. So, you need to choose the best free gift promotion strategies that work for your online store wisely.

In this post, we introduced you to the best free gift offer strategies, and we also introduced the free gift for WooCommerce plugin to you, which is a helpful plugin for creating any rule or setting different conditions.

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