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How to generate billing and shipping reports in the WooCommerce report plugin?

This article will teach you how to use the WooCommerce report plugin to prepare the billing and shipping report. How to generate a WooCommerce billing and shipping report? Generating a Billing and Shipping report in our plugin is simply possible by below two steps: If you want to have insight into the billing and shipping

Analyzing customer sales report in the WooCommerce report plugin

Evaluating customers’ purchase behavior and analyzing their sales preferences is one of the main duties of an online store manager. In this tutorial, we teach you how to analyze sales performance by the customer with the WooCommerce report plugin. What is sales performance by customer report? Customer sales report shows the total amount of customer

Generate user role-based sales reports in the WooCommerce report plugin

User role-based report is important when you want insight into the purchase history of each customer group in your online store. This is one of the WooCommerce report plugin‘s easiest tasks, which is possible with just one click. What are user role-based (customer group) sales reports? By generating this report in our plugin, you will

How to generate inventory reports with WooCommerce report plugin?

Inventory reports help store managers to identify the stock quantity of their products and try to consider better marketing strategies for the products that remain in stock. They can also provide those with min. or zero stock quantity for their online stores to satisfy their customers. In the WooCommerce report plugin, generating useful inventory reports

How to generate a sales report by product category in WooCommerce report plugin?

When the managers of big online stores sell many products in different categories, generating sales reports by product category is very important. However, generating this report in WooCommerce is not flexible. Follow this tutorial to see how the WooCommerce report plugin can help store managers solve this problem. What is a sales report by product

General options of  WooCommerce report plugin

WooCommerce report plugin comes with a user-friendly interface covering all tools and options you need to generate comprehensive reports for assessing the performance of your online store. In this tutorial, we want to overview the plugin and get familiar with its practical options, generally. Let’s get started from the dashboard. WooCommerce report plugin dashboard In

How to configure general settings in the WooCommerce report plugin?

You have access to the settings in the main menu of this WooCommerce report plugin.  By opening the Settings page, you can see 6 different tabs which are: To know how the options available in each tab can help you to customize the plugin according to your needs, we will explain them briefly. General settings 

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