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Get sales tax report in the WooCommerce report plugin

In this tutorial, you can learn about different tax reports available in the WooCommerce report plugin

What is sales tax report?

The sales tax report in the Woocommerce report plugin provides a detailed summary of sales and tax information for orders in your online store. 

Why do you need to analyze sales tax report?

Analysis of the sales tax report helps store managers see tax differences. This will help you accurately report your income and ensure you pay the correct taxes.

Generate WooCommerce sales tax report by tax name

If you assign different tax rates to the products of your online store and you need a sales report about them separately, you can use Tax Report under the Tax option of our plugin Dashboard.

click tax report menu

To instruct the plugin to generate this report for you, it is needed to set a date range by opening the Search form and assigning From Date and To Date fields by using a built-in calendar:

set date range filter form

As soon as clicking on the Search button, a sales report will be generated with the most useful information you may need, including:

  • Tax name
  • Tax rate
  • Shipping tax
  • Order tax
  • Total tax
  • Etc.
result tax report

You can find a brief report at the bottom of the table that provides some total amounts related to tax count, order count, shipping tax, order tax, total tax, etc.

result total amounts

Generate WooCommerce sales tax reports by country

When you are selling goods internationally, It is very common if you need to receive a sales tax report related to each country.  To generate this kind of report, you can easily go to the below address:

Tax -> Tax Reports

Then set a date range in the Search form to let the plugin report comprehensive information about the sales tax in each country.

You may notice in the below picture that a lot of useful information is listed in this table for you including:

  • Tax country
  • Tax state
  • Tax name
  • Tax rate
  • Order count
  • Order amt
  • Net amt
  • Etc.
result date range tax report

It is also possible to filter the report by using some options provided in the Search form such as:

  • Country
  • State
  • Tax Group
  • And more.

One of the most useful options in this form is Tax Group. By using this field, the plugin will categorize the orders based on different parameters. 

filter form tax report

As illustrated below, you can choose one of the following parameters:

  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Zip Code
  • Tax Name
  • Tax Summary
  • City Summary
  • State Summary
  • Country Summary.
choose tax group by state filter form

For example, we chose State from the list of Tax Group, and the report was categorized based on it as shown below:

result tax group by state

Generate WooCommerce sales tax reports by product

If you want to discover tax by orders, you can generate another sales tax report in our plugin by navigating to the below address:

Orders -> All Orders billing shipping tax (1)

When you set a date range in the Search form (2), a list of products sold on the specified date with their SKU, Categories, Variations, and Qty will be displayed in the table:

click all orders billing shipping tax menu

If you scroll over the table, you can see some columns related to the tax of those orders including:

  • Shipping tax amount: The tax rate applied to the shipping.
  • Order tax amount: The tax rate applied to the order.
  • Total tax amount: Sum of all taxes applied to the order, shipping, delivery, product, etc.
result all orders billing shipping tax columns
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